Asking the Right Questions

16 May 2016

By Sylvia Anderson An insensitive word, even if it’s not meant to be hurtful, can change the course of an entire conversation. In my 15+ years of working with people … Continue reading

Bringing the Outside In

28 Mar 2016

One hundred and seventeen . . . 117! That’s the number of people who committed suicide in Snohomish County in 2014. Each of those people felt like they were on … Continue reading

Happy Endings Like This are What Easter is All About!

02 Mar 2016

Do you remember being 10 years old? It’s such a beautiful age, when a child’s future holds so much potential and every day is full of excitement and wonder. Easter … Continue reading

Perfection only happened once

16 Feb 2016

When you struggle with homelessness, you can’t help but grow – and maybe that’s why we have some very wise people here at Everett Gospel Mission. Colin* is one of … Continue reading

The power of a few well-timed words

15 Jan 2016

One of the most gratifying parts of my work is seeing someone who is truly coachable soak up every bit of wisdom we can give them. And then they just … Continue reading

A Black and Blue Christmas

15 Dec 2015

I will never forget when Valerie showed up at Everett Gospel Mission. A cab dropped her off on Christmas Day. Her eyes were swollen almost shut. She wore ill-fitting clothes … Continue reading

The Dangers of Winter

11 Dec 2015

Something amazing happens when women and children come through our door. Our staff, volunteers and even fellow residents rush to greet and welcome them. They triage their needs to make … Continue reading

Christmas Alternatives

09 Dec 2015

You probably think that life has to be pretty terrible for the Mission to be your best Christmas ever. That may be true. But we do have a safe, warm, … Continue reading

There are meals, and then there are Thanksgiving meals!

12 Nov 2015

Most of the year, the dedicated cooks in our kitchen have to make do with the ingredients they can get . . . The odds and ends people donate, the … Continue reading

Why meals matter!

11 Nov 2015

Since the launch of our Feed Hope Here campaign, you may notice that we are talking a lot about food! Of course, meals are important all year long. But the … Continue reading