Women & Children’s Shelter

Women's & Children's Shelter Picture

The fastest growing segment of Snohomish County’s homeless population is women and children. Over 40% of the known 2,300 homeless people in our community are women, and there are over 800 homeless children in Snohomish County.

Whether fleeing domestic violence, losing a job, trapped in substance abuse or other issues, women and children who are desperate for safe shelter are welcomed at Everett Gospel Mission with open arms. With our  addition the Mission now has bed space for 100 women and children.

The Women and Children’s Shelter offers much more than safe warm shelter, however. Each person who arrives at our shelter undergoes a detailed intake assessment which helps us evaluate her individual needs.

Based on this evaluation, we develop – with each person – a customized program to help them and their family pursue stability and a future of hope and promise.

Each adult residing at our women and children’s shelter is offered intensive one-on-one case management, Bible studies, Life Management classes, and a specialized 12-step recovery group. Our goal is to provide everyone who comes to us with a new set of tools around which to build a transformed life.

Each family has access to nutritious meals, comfortable beds, clean clothing, mentoring, Bible studies, life-skills classes and other help they need to get off the streets for good. Children have a comfortable place to do homework, plus get help if they need it, increasing their odds of success in school.

This comes at a critical time when more than 800 mothers and children are waiting for housing in Snohomish County. Their average wait for emergency housing can be as long as six months to a couple of years!.

Women and children are out there right now waiting for these beds. They are in need of a warm, secure, sheltered environment where God can restore their lives physically and spiritually.