Long-Term Housing

Picture of Everett Gospel Mission's Harrison House

Long-term housing is a vital bridge for many single men women, and families who have completed Everett Gospel Mission’s recovery program. Initial deposits, high rents and low income are challenges that can easily hinder those who are taking their first steps toward an independent life of hope and promise.

To aid in this transition, the Mission provides a reduced rent facilities that offer private, independent living for former resiedence.

Lydia House was named after the women in Acts 16 who exemplified independence and self-sufficiency in providing for their family. It is a self governed facility, where residents manage the affairs of the community. Each resident pays rent for their room, and purchases and prepares their own food.

Located in the city of Snohomish, Lydia house has proven to be very successful in transitioning formerly homeless women into long term stability. It is Everett Gospel Mission’s model for future expansion of other transitional housing projects throughout Snohomish County.

Harrison House which is pictured above is an apartment complex owned by EGM that provides longterm housing for low income former residence of Everett Gospel Mission.  Harrison House is the newest addition to EGM properties that serves as a means for men, and women to have stability with total independent living.