Mission History

Picture of men praying and eating.

Fifty years ago, the Everett Gospel Mission was established  in downtown Everett to help homeless and “down and out” men turn their lives around and re-enter society.

Today we are the largest Faith-Based Organization for homeless men, women and children in Snohomish, Skagit, Island and San Juan counties. Currently the only organization to provide emergency shelter to single men, we are also the larger of only two organizations providing emergency shelter to single women.

Over the last 50 years, the face of homelessness has changed dramatically. The Mission has also changed to meet the changing and staggering needs of those who have lost hope.

A pioneer in recognizing early on the need for homeless women and children, the Everett Gospel Mission’s Women and Children’s Shelter opened in 1984 in response to the quickly growing population of homeless women, as well as those fleeing from domestic violence.

The current Men’s Shelter and Day Center was built in 1993 to accommodate the ever-increasing needs of Snohomish County’s homeless population. In addition to offering meals and overnight shelter, this new addition allowed us to provide long-term intensive case management,  job training and help for specific needs such as mental illness, substance abuse and other issues endemic to being homeless.

In 1999, the Mission acquired an additional facility that allowed us to house 75 women and children each night. By the year 2000, 40% of the homeless people seeking shelter in Snohomish County were women and children. And in 2012, we were able to open an additional building that allows us to serve another 25 women and children. So we can now serve 100 women and children.

To meet the rising need for transitional housing, the Mission expanded into the City of Snohomish, where our Lydia House provides low cost housing for formerly homeless women who are working their way back into a life of hope and promise.