Become a Certified Faith & Finances Group Facilitator

The Everett Gospel Mission is excited to be a part of a first in our area.  For the first time in the northwest, The Chalmers Center is offering Faith & Finances facilitator certification right here in Everett, WA.

About Faith and Finances

Most church financial education tools aren’t designed for people in poverty. Faith & Finances is different.

Designed for the local church, Faith and Finances is small group programming that provides opportunities for low income and non-low income participants to grow together as they learn to use their resources in a way that honors their values, their faith, and their relationships.

As a trained Faith & Fiances facilitator, you will be equipped to help small groups in your church or community groups discuss the key principles of managing money.  Issues like values based decision making, expense tracking, planned spending, saving toward goals, and how relationships effect our finances. You will help each participant experience the joy of using their money to help themselves, their families, and others in their community.

Faith & Finances – Maurice’s Story from The Chalmers Center on Vimeo.

Why Faith & Finances?

Low-income people in our area face a maze of financial challenges.

You can help them navigate it.

Form a Faith & Finances class in your community, uniting people from varied financial backgrounds and exploring together money management skills and biblical stewardship principles. Designed specifically for low-income adults, Faith & Finances addresses the challenges the materially poor face and helps them rediscover their God-given dignity.

The Faith & Finances facilitator training equips you to:

  • Move your church or ministry from giving things to the poor to building relationships with the poor, leading to long-term change in their lives—and in yours
  • Apply the poverty alleviation principles described in When Helping Hurts to your context
  • Create a concrete financial education ministry plan tailored to your community
  • Train low-income people in concrete money management skills, such as budgeting, managing debt, and setting savings goals
  • Mobilize church members to serve as allies alongside participants, engaging your broader ministry circles in the work of poverty alleviation

Browse portions of our Faith & Finances facilitator resources:

Seattle area Faith & Finances Training Details

To get certified to host a Faith & Finances group in our area you will need to:

Complete a four week of self-paced online training (Oct. 2 – Oct. 31).  This online training will unpack the principles of effective poverty alleviation and adult education


Attend the live training event in Everett, WA (Nov 10 -11), to practice facilitating the course and using the curriculum with other ministry leaders and Chalmers’ staff

Training costs $450 at the early bird rate and $500 after September 17th.

About the Chalmers Center

Chalmers trains churches and ministries in actionable tools you can implement in your community that will alleviate poverty. Through these tools, churches can form relationships with low-income people and empower them with the skills to support themselves and their families. As a result, the materially poor experience lasting spiritual, social, and financial transformation.

EGM is excited for your church or nonprofit to join us in empower participants with money management skills that unpack how our money is part of God’s work in the world.

Still have questions?  Email  EGM’s very own certified Faith and Finances facilitator to discuss more about the program and process.