12th Annual Community Breakfast

10 Oct 2014

People all across the United States have been known to say four little words to stand up against a variety of causes. Usually they’re opposing new developments, outraged at a … Continue reading


26 Sep 2014

I recently read Job 17:15, “Where then is my hope- who can see any hope for me?” This verse leapt off the page at me. It reminds me of so … Continue reading

Those who’ve found HOPE are Feeding Others…

18 Sep 2014

I love seeing the ripple effect of changed lives. When someone experiences hope, freedom and healing, they can’t keep it to themselves. They become some of the most generous people … Continue reading

What Death Can Teach Us

27 Aug 2014

In our fundraising publications we always change the name of our living residents, to protect their privacy. You may remember just reading about a man, whom we named Rick*.  Our … Continue reading

Generational Cycle of Poverty

11 Aug 2014

Did you know that when a child is born into homelessness and hunger, they are at an even greater risk of staying trapped in poverty as they grow older? It’s … Continue reading

A New Battle

08 Jul 2014

Every day I wage war on hopelessness, homelessness and despair. I do it because God calls us to love our neighbors and He has given me a deep sense of … Continue reading

The Challenge of Summer

17 Jun 2014

While the summer sun begins to warm our neighborhoods and we joyfully shed some of the fleece jackets and extra sweaters we’ve been clinging to all winter, the homeless face … Continue reading

Homeless Students

09 Jun 2014

A Record-Breaking Year – but not in a good way. Every year, Washington State counts the number of homeless students, defined as students who lack a regular night-time residence. Over … Continue reading

Getting to the Root of Homelessness

14 May 2014

Often we don’t notice the roots underneath homelessness. Instead, we try to fix the problem once it’s occurred. What if we could help fix the underlying problems before people end … Continue reading

Feed Hope Kitchen

01 May 2014

A Ticket to a Whole NEW Life! We are thrilled to announce our newest program to help people work their way out of homelessness: Feed Hope Kitchen. Feed Hope Kitchen … Continue reading

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