A Fresh Start at 51

05 Jun 2017

When you think about the importance of education, you might picture children, teenagers, or young adults. But education is important for people of all ages. Leon is a great example. … Continue reading

Hindsight and Tipping Points

17 Apr 2017

Sometimes it’s amazing to look back at our lives. Hindsight allows us to see our tipping points most clearly. Gabe* has two. The first happened when he was about 18. … Continue reading

One + One = Four

29 Mar 2017

If anyone asks you, “What can just one person do about homelessness?” – tell them about Everett Gospel Mission! You see it’s true that, individually, we can only do so … Continue reading

MESH: The right way to shelter more people!

23 Mar 2017

For the past year, we’ve been partnering with the City of Marysville and local churches to provide additional housing for the graduates of our recovery programs. The first Micro Extended … Continue reading

Rescuing Amanda

23 Mar 2017

Amanda has seen the absolute worst that life can bring. At three years old, her own mother offered her up as a prostitute. The traumatized toddler fled for her life, all … Continue reading

$20.17 for 2017: Reflections from my coldest night

17 Jan 2017

I don’t recommend trying this. You see, on one October night, I participated in an event where a group of us spent the night outdoors. It wasn’t even raining, and … Continue reading

The Road Home

16 Jan 2017

Everett Gospel Mission is partnering with Campbell Auto Group to provide emergency shelter. Check out their “Road Home” campaign, running January 1 through March 31.

Raising newborn triplets in a van

26 Dec 2016

There was a time when we mostly sheltered men at the Mission. They often struggled with alcohol or drug addiction. But more and more, the face of homelessness is changing. … Continue reading

Feed Hope Here is for our whole community

26 Dec 2016

When we talk about our Feed Hope Here campaign, it’s usually about the hunger of the people in distress who come to Everett Gospel Mission. Truly, every meal friends like … Continue reading

A Black and Blue Christmas

21 Dec 2016

I will never forget when Valerie showed up at Everett Gospel Mission. A cab dropped her off on Christmas Day. Her eyes were swollen almost shut. She wore ill-fitting clothes … Continue reading