When Tragedy Leads to Triumph

14 Jul 2015

Richard’s* story is heartbreaking. He’s only in his 20s, but he has faced more pain than most of us will ever know. Both of his parents were alcoholics and drug … Continue reading

Poverty 101

24 Jun 2015

Everyone knows what poverty and homelessness look like, but how much more do you really know? The reality is, the misconceptions about life on the streets and how people get … Continue reading

Rising From the Ashes

08 Jun 2015

So many of the stories I hear at Everett Gospel Mission hit close to home. As I look into the eyes of our guests, I realize how easily we could … Continue reading

Homeless at 60

27 May 2015

When Sally’s* brother and his wife died, she did what she had to do — she raised her nieces and nephews along with her own children — five kids altogether. … Continue reading

Taking Homelessness Personally

18 May 2015

No one chooses to be homeless. It’s not a decision they make. It’s something that happens to them. It’s like when you or I catch the flu — we don’t … Continue reading

Homelessness can happen to ANYONE

23 Apr 2015

Greg* worked hard his whole life. He and his wife were happy and settled into their home. They had a 401k and were looking ahead to retirement and more time … Continue reading

When small Becomes BIG

07 Apr 2015

One day, when I was on the bus, a woman approached me and asked me where I worked. She must have seen me getting off the bus near the Mission … Continue reading

The Story Isn’t Over

27 Mar 2015

Good Friday is almost here. I have a hard time with Good Friday. Most Good Friday services are dark and hopeless. They focus only on the crucifixion story. That’s what … Continue reading

Have You Ever Needed a Second Chance?

16 Mar 2015

I’m going to be straight with you. The truth is, I’ve made mistakes. I bet that doesn’t come as much of a surprise, because I’m sure you’ve made mistakes, too. … Continue reading

A Birthday to Forget

18 Feb 2015

What did you do on your last birthday? Kristin* “celebrated” hers — her 31st — huddled in her car with 5 children. In the span of a few years, her … Continue reading