The Promise of Easter: NEW LIFE

18 Mar 2014

When you are homeless and hungry, life seems hopeless. You feel alone. Forgotten. Like everything you ever lived for will have to change. But where do you start? Is it … Continue reading

The Last Boy Scout

03 Mar 2014

Richard’s friends used to call him “the last boy scout.” He was always prepared for everything. That is until life dealt him a hand he could never prepare for. Being … Continue reading

It’s cold outside!

12 Feb 2014

It’s the time of year where most of us want to be curled up next to a fireplace, drinking a hot beverage and reading a good book. At least, that’s … Continue reading

What’s your resolution?

28 Jan 2014

Every year, I try to think of one thing I can do that will not only change my own life, but change the lives of others. At this time of … Continue reading

I’m dreaming of the best Christmas ever

23 Dec 2013

Christmas is a mixed bag for me. I love seeing the Mission transform with the decorations made by our homeless children. There’s also a sense of excitement and expectation here, … Continue reading

If you’re one of the “70,” read this! If you’re not, read this!

13 Dec 2013

I was reading in Numbers, Chapter 11, and this verse jumped out at me: “The Lord said to Moses: ”Bring me seventy of Israel’s elders who are known to you … Continue reading

6 ways to Help Homeless Kids

10 Dec 2013

During the Christmas season there are countless ways to show love and care to our family, friends, neighbors and those in need. Here at the Mission we show love in … Continue reading

There’s always room for hope!

04 Dec 2013

Do you remember the old Bill Cosby commercial – “There’s always room for Jell-O?” Well, it occurred to me today, that there’s always room for hope. Some people don’t believe … Continue reading

We’ve got the Christmas spirit!

28 Nov 2013

As we get ready for the Christmas holiday, it’s easy to get lost in the lights and tinsel. Sometimes we get distracted from Jesus’ message above the noise of the … Continue reading

Making Thanksgiving more than a day off from homelessness

14 Nov 2013

Thanksgiving is coming in two weeks. Maybe you’re looking forward to time with your family and friends. Or eating your favorite comfort foods. Or a break from the hectic pace … Continue reading

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